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2021 HOTELEX Tianjin Exhibition | hero x cafetown, brings you an immersive experience!

Editor:zeroHero equipmentDate:2022-03-06 14:02

September 24
2021 HOTELEX Tianjin Exhibition

Officially opened at Tianjin Meijiang International Convention and Exhibition Center
As an old friend of the exhibition, zeroHero was invited again to lead the coffee frenzy.

As a 17-year-old domestic coffee brand, zeroHero is always looking for different ways to meet the expectations of every coffee friend for experience upgrades.
Every time a new product comes out, it will definitely attract the onlookers of professionals in the industry. This time as well, old friends from the coffee industry came to observe, and for the new products, the big coffee gave high praise and praise.

Looking at the whole of China, if you say you can live, there is definitely Tianjin in the TOP3. As a tasteful and interesting daily necessities, coffee naturally attracts the love of many Tianjin people. The constant stream of visitors at the booths of zeroHero and Coffee Town is the best proof. The coffee lovers sighed at the brilliance of the ice dripping pot, shocked by the power of the propeller, and indulged in the elegance of the hand brewing, and fell into the refreshing aroma of coffee beans and stopped walking.

As the designated temperature control pot in China for the 2022 World Coffee Brewing Competition, the zeroHero nameless temperature control pot has witnessed many coffee lovers from amateur players to professional players, step by step to the world arena.
On the first day of the competition, each contestant was confident and full of vigor, just like China's current coffee industry bursting with vitality. As an original coffee appliance brand in China, zeroHero has always been committed to promoting the development of China's coffee industry. We firmly believe that the development of China's coffee industry must be getting better and better.

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